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Yamaha To Release M7CLv3.5 and File Converter Software

FOH Staff • New Gear • November 17, 2010

Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems' M7CLv3.5 and File Converter software application is set for release in winter 2010/2011 for both Mac OS and Windows platforms. It converts file formats between PM5D and M7CL as well as M7CL and LS9 consoles.
By providing data compatibility between consoles, a PM5D or LS9, for example, can be brought in to replace an M7CL, using mix data originally created on the M7CL. The File Converter function will also convert parameters for multiple scenes (including HA and Ch Name).


Several new features have been added to the new M7CLv3.5 firmware release that promise to further enhance the operation and efficiency of the M7CL console. New alternate functions for the Selected Channel, for example, have been added. They can be assigned to User Defined Keys for even greater efficiency. And, when using HA Remote signal output from Slot 1 on an M7CL-48ES, up to three additional SB168-ES Stage Box units can be connected via MY16-ES64 and MY16-EX cards installed in the expansion slots allowing for six Stage Box units connectivity.


Both the M7CL Version 3.5 firmware updates and Yamaha File Converter software will be available for download at no charge.


For more information, please visit


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