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XTA Enhances iCore2

FOH Staff • New Gear • December 19, 2010

XTA's iCore software package was developed to provide the interface for sister company MC² Audio's Ti Series and XTA's DC1048 integrated audio management system. XTA has now extended the iCore2 package to support all 4Series products. The company has also added new features to simplify live sound and installed operating systems, with enhancements to parameter linking, custom control panels, application auto-update and wireless kit compatibility.

  • 4-Series Support


The XTA 4-Series is completely supported by iCore. Although Library Manager files cannot be handled by iCore, presets and memories (including those with locked parameters) can be uploaded from 4-Series devices to iCore.  Settings can be copied and pasted from 4 Series memories and presets into DC1048 devices to assemble new configurations without having to start from scratch.


  • Parameter Linking


The linking of parameters between units simplifies system control and can be used effectively with custom control panels. 


  • Custom Control Panels


Although all users can make use of them, only administrator users can create or delete custom control panels. User access to custom control panels and device control panels in the User Levels tab in the File Properties dialog box can be easily restricted. In Design Mode, custom panels can be created to control one or any number of units or parameters. With a library of faders, buttons, knobs and LEDS sound engineers and designers can decide what they want access to instantly or group together. By setting up security within the properties screen different levels of access can be given. Backgrounds can be added which could be anything from a corporate logo to a jpeg of a band or system.



  • Auto-Update


iCore now has an auto-update engine that detects when a new version of the software has been made available and alerts the user. Updating device firmware is performed through the network without having to disconnect everything.  (Ti-Series only, RS485 connections only).



  • Wireless Kit Setup


The wireless kit for iCore is the same as for AudioCore, Different drivers are used with iCore, but these are bundled in with the Walkabout kit as standard.  Information about setting this up is on the iCore page of XTA's website.



  • Image Library


To make professional looking control panels, images can be used both as backgrounds to the controls and for the controls themselves


iCore2 works with Windows XP, Vista and Win7.


For more information, please visit


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