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WorxAudio TrueLine V5M/V5M-P Ultra-Compact Fill / Monitor Systems

FOH Staff • New Gear • May 20, 2011

WorxAudio Technologies' TrueLine V5M (non-powered) and V5M-P (powered) ultra-compact fill / monitor systems, which measure 18 by 13 by 6.8 inches, are well-suited for use in front fill, near fill, under-balcony and choir monitor applications. They have a 120-degree symmetrical horizontal coverage pattern and a 30-degree vertical dispersion pattern.
Built from multi-ply Baltic Birch with 16-guage steel grill and heavily braced for cabinet rigidity, the speakers weigh 30 and 32 lbs., respectively. The enclosures are protected with a multi-layered polyurea finish, in black or white.


Features include the WorxAudio TrueLine Series transducers; medium-format 1-inch exit compression drivers coupled to stabilized, proprietary FlatWave Formers (wave shaping devices); and dual 5-inch cone transducers coupled to the Acoustic Intergrading Modules (A.I.M.).


The powered V5M-P uses WorxAudio's new PSD-500 power amp module. Dedicating 350W to the V5M-P's LF section and 150W to the HF section, the module, on the rear of the enclosure, utilizes four digital programs and has both male/female (loop through) XLR isolated I/O as well as AC PowerCon I/O.


MSRP is $1,983 (V5M) and $2,815 (V5M-P).


For more information, please visit



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