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Waves SoundGrid Compact System for Yamaha Consoles

FOH Staff • New Gear • May 18, 2011

Waves' SoundGrid Compact System for Yamaha consoles includes everything Yamaha users need to process their live performances using Waves plugins, as well as the tools to capture their performances into a DAW.
SoundGrid Compact System lets users process up to 16 live audio channels using up to 40 plugins in real time with low latency; record MultiRack-processed tracks in real time, direct to a DAW in the same computer, pre- or post-processing (or both, for maximum flexibility); and adjust their plugins, racks and console settings without having the band on stage.


Hardware components include the SoundGrid Compact Server (19cm x 29cm x 5.5cm), the WSG-Y16 mini-YGDAI I/O Card, a Network Switch, iLok USB Key and Cat 6 Network Cables. Software components include a variety of Waves plugins: MultiRack Plugin Host Application, Renaissance Reverb, Renaissance EQ, Renaissance Axx, Renaissance Bass and H-Delay.


The SoundGrid Compact System is compatible with Yamaha's PM5D, DSP5D, M7CL, LS9-32, LS9-16, DM2000, DM1000, 02R96, 01V96, DME64N, DME24N and TX6n/TX5n/TX4n. The MSRP is $1,100.


For more information, please visit

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