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Tyler Truss GT Stack-n-Store, A New Leg Storage Option

FOH Staff • New Gear • July 14, 2020

Tyler Truss GT Stack-n-Store

Pendleton, IN-based Tyler Truss’ newest GT accessory is now available, STACK-N-STORE (GT5/GT10).

More details from Tyler Truss Systems (TTS,

This leg storage option doesn’t replace GT’s 10-leg cart. Instead, it offers a more convenient option that also saves on truck/storage space. Plus, it comes at a lower price.

Stack-n-Store is a leg set that converts into a leg cart. GT5 features two heavy-duty snap brackets with three 8” uprights that create a 5-leg cart. The GT10 features eight 8” uprights for a 10-leg cart.

“Since 2008, GT has experienced numerous improvements thanks to our Tyler team and client feedback,” said COO Marc Johnson. “Stack-n-Store is another, intended to save on labor costs, as well as truck and storage space.”

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