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Symetrix Solus

FOH Staff • New Gear • May 20, 2011

Symetrix, makers of SymNet 8×8 DSP and Jupiter processors, is targeting its new Solus at small to mid-size installations. With SymNet Designer software, integrators can use or modify the dozens of existing Solus templates or build new designs from scratch. Currently, there are two Solus hardware units: Solus 4, with four mic/line (+phantom) inputs and four outputs; and Solus 8, with eight mic/line (+phantom) inputs and eight outputs.
Although the Solus processors forego input/output expansion in favor of reduced cost, each features Ethernet, ARC port, RS-232 port, two control inputs, and four logic outputs. The Solus software and hardware support Symetrix ARC wall panels and SymVue (Symetrix' end-user control panel application) as well as popular third party control systems. To eliminate guesswork and speed the installation process, a front-panel LCD reveals system settings.


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