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Soundcraft Si Compact Series

FOH Staff • New Gear • September 14, 2010

The Soundcraft Si Compact Series is positioned as a competitively-priced digital mixer for a variety of soundcos and users, with applications ranging from tours, corporate events, houses of worship and theatre applications and more.
Offering full DSP functionality and a small-footprint chassis, the Si Compact provides up to 40 inputs to mix in three frame sizes, the smallest of which is also rack-mountable.


Motorized faders with Soundcraft FaderGlow operate on two layers, but the main difference from similarly-priced mixers is the provision of a full encoder set for all the functions on a channel, from input gain through EQ and dynamics to bus controls.


Drawing on Soundcraft's larger Si Series, the new Si Compact packs digital mixing facilities along with Lexicon effects into a trio of small footprint consoles available in 16, 24 or 32 mic/line input formats, with 4 stereo returns. The first, the Si Compact 24, was featured at PLASA 2010 with pricing near £6000 UK list.


While compact, there is no layering of the audio controls, making operation fast and simple, and with four separate Lexicon FX processors with dedicated FX busses in addition to the main mixes, and with BSS Graphic EQ for every bus.


The Si Compact series consoles share the same DSP platform, EMMA Lite, with the larger Si Series. The consoles also feature dedicated FX busses, 16 line outputs plus AES, an option card slot for MADI or other connectivity, a Global Mode for access to Pan, Gain and Filters, a color touchscreen interface and FaderGlow.


Key Features include:


  • Frames with 16, 24 or 32 mono inputs and 4 stereo channels to mix
  • 14 mono aux busses
  • 4 FX busses
  • 4 Matrix busses
  • LRC Mix busses
  • 4 Stereo Lexicon Effects engines
  • 4 Mute Groups
  • 4 assignable insert send/returns (24 and 32 models)
  • Harman HiQnet integration


For more information, please visit .


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