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Sommer SC-PLANET CPR Microphone and Control Cable

FOH Staff • New Gear • May 11, 2020
Sommer’s SC-PLANET CPR Microphone and Control Cable

         Sommer’s SC-PLANET CPR Mic and Control Cable

Sommer Cable has introduced the new SC-PLANET CPR microphone and control cable, which has been certified for the highest-rated fire protection in accordance with the strict European Construction Products Regulation EU 305/2011.

SC-PLANET CPR features a special design that is distinctive in this category, with dual-stranded wires and a certified heat resistant AL/PT foil screen, including a drain wire for 100% shielding coverage. The wire diameter of 0.34 mm² / AWG 22 is designed for optimum long-distance transmission and for connections compliant with 100 V technology.

SC-PLANET cables are available as a single 6.2 mm / 0.24 in. cable or double pair 11.6 mm / 0.46 in. version. Even with the highest heat and fire protection available, SC-PLANET CPR is very flexible, trouble-free and supple to work with, and can be laid easily in cable trays and dado ducts.

Cables pursuant to the fire protection class Cca are subject to regular certification and inspection. On request, Sommer Cable will provide the declaration of performance as required by EU Construction Products Regulations.

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