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sE Electronics DynaCaster Active Dynamic Microphone

FOH Staff • New Gear • December 15, 2021

sE Electronics announces the DynaCaster, a versatile cardioid dynamic microphone with active 48 VDC phantom-powered electronics that provide a +30 dB onboard preamp, two recessed EQ switches and six advanced sonic equalization configurations.

Based on the company’s successful V-Series technology, front-address Dynacaster features a DMC8 large-diaphragm aluminum voice coil capsule; rugged, all-metal construction; an obstruction-free, 3-layer pop filtration system; patented shockmount, wide-ranging swivel mic mount and recessed switches that ensure your setting will remain untouched even when packing up or on-the-go between gigs.

Recessed switches can store DynaCaster's sonic equalization configurations.

Recessed switches can store DynaCaster’s sonic equalization configurations.

Ideal for vocals or instrumental applications, the DynaCaster is equally at home in the studio, onstage or in a podcast/broadcast setting. “The DynaCaster is warm, big & natural, with a nice top-end—fantastic for vocals, electric guitar and drums. I love it,” said Alberto Vaz, the studio and FOH engineer for Sheryl Crow.

The DynaCaster has an MSRP of $329 and comes complete with a 3/8” thread adapter and black external windscreen for outdoor and on-location applications.

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