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Royer Labs R-101 Ribbon Microphone

FOH Staff • New Gear • September 2, 2010

Royer Labs' R-101 Ribbon Microphone combine high SPL capabilities and low residual noise at a competitive price, for both studio and live sound reinforcement applications.
The R-101's multi-layered wind screening also reduces proximity effect, allowing for closer miking with less bass buildup. The ribbon element promises a smooth frequency response and phase linearity.


The R-101 can be used for miking electric guitars, brass instruments, and drums, and its figure-8 pattern also conveys ambience and depth when used for room miking applications.


The R-101 incorporates Royer's offset-ribbon technology and a low mass, 2.5-micron aluminum (99.9% pure) ribbon element. The ribbon transducer's flux-frame and rare earth Neodymium magnets create a magnetic field that increases sensitivity while reducing stray magnetic radiation.


The offset-ribbon design positions the ribbon element towards the front of the microphone body, allowing for higher SPL handling on the front (logo) side of the microphone and the option of a brighter response when recording lower SPL sound sources on the microphone's back side. This approach lets the R-101 withstand 135dB SPL @ 30 Hz. The R-101 is well-suited for close miking, capturing the attack transients of percussion instruments, recording loud instruments such as brass and horn sections, or miking electric guitar cabinets. It can also be used for miking strings, acoustic guitar, and piano.


The R-101 Ribbon Microphone ships with a protective carrying case, a suspension-type shock mount, and a mic sock. The R-101 is expected to ship in early September, 2010 and carry an MSRP of $895.


For more information, please visit

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