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Proel WX Series Compact Stage Monitors

FOH Staff • New Gear • June 9, 2021

Proel’s WX monitors are available in two models. The WX10A has a higher SPL and a full-range response, making it well suited for vocals, brass, horns, and electronic instruments, or as a monitor for DJs. The WX8A works as a monitor solution for very small spaces. It is well suited for vocals and acoustic instruments.

More details from Proel (

WX series stage monitors, with perfect sound intelligibility, a high SPL and an ultra-compact format can offer a professional yet affordable monitoring solution able to fit into stages of any size.


8″ and 10″ coaxial speakers for a superior sound definition and an even directivity

Lightweight 500W CLASS D power amplifiers with Monitor and FOH EQ presets

Ultra-strong polyurethane finish for maximum strength and durability

For a video, go to


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