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Peluso PS-1 Vocal Microphone

by FOH Staff • in
  • New Gear
• Created: July 11, 2019

The Peluso Stage One (PS-1) brings Peluso Microphone Lab’s large-diaphragm condenser mic technology to the stage. Delivering detailed clarity with the warm tone of a studio condenser, the PS-1 provides very high gain while delivering the feedback rejection required in a live environment. The 1” supercardioid capsule is internally shock mounted with dual silicone disks eliminating handling noise. A rugged metal head basket with internal foam windscreen protects against pops and moisture. An -18 dB pad switch will match the gain to familiar dynamic microphones, accommodating more powerful sources. A low-end roll-off switch reduces rumbles and a high-end roll-off switch reduces high frequency noise.

Other specs include a 200 Hz impedance, 20 to 20k Hz response, 145 dB SPL handling, 10 mv/pa sensitivity, 18 dBA self noise and a weight of 418 grams.

MSRP is $699, with stand mount clip and a padded zipper bag.

For more info, visit pelusomicrophonelab.com

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