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NEXT Audiocom Maverick MV6

FOH Staff • New Gear • November 18, 2021

NEXT-proaudio’s new brand, NEXT Audiocom, kicks off with a new portable speaker, the Maverick MV6.

More details from NEXT Audiocom (

The Portuguese manufacturer NEXT Audiocom, the new brand from NEXT-proaudio, introduces the new portable speaker Maverick MV6.

The MV6 speaker is a coaxial 6.5” Portable Professional Battery Powered Bluetooth(v 5.0) Speaker, with high performance, ultra-low dimensions and weight, allowing its use in a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications with recorded or live music. Thanks to the revolutionary FIR filters, the MV6 has an optimized sound response with linearized phase response.

The multi-position feature allows the MV6 to be used as stage monitor (vertical and horizontal use), in a tripod (with auto eq.) or in any plan surface. The MV6 includes a 3 channels mixer with Bluetooth, Microphone, Instrument, USB and AUX audio signal inputs. For a better performance on live music MV6 includes a tone optimizer for Microphone/Guitar.

With its elegant design and powerful and crystal clear sound, it can be used anywhere at any event or occasion, ensuring music reproduction of up to 12 hours using its rechargeable battery. In addition, the Maverick MV6 can also be used as a power bank if needed.

With MV6 will be possible to build a wireless stereo system easily pairing two MV6 via Bluetooth simultaneously, using TWS (True Wireless Stereo) function.

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