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New Gear

FOH Staff • New Gear • September 18, 2007

OVO Systems Lava Line Array
OVO Systems’ compact line array, the Lava, is a small vertical array designed to have a combined output of 1200 Watts RMS. The Lava System is composed of four mid-highs and one low cabinet. Each of the four mid-highs uses two 6.5-inch woofers and a 2-inch compression driver; the low contains two 12-inch woofers, as well as housing a four-channel class H power amplifier. The amplifier wattage is designed to work with all com-ponents in the system and enables the user to easily control the frequency from 80 Hz to 250 Hz on the amplifier itself. The system also allows for 16 positions of display angles for better dispersion of sound.
OVO Systems • 210.684.2600 •

beyerdynamic IMS 900 Personal Monitoring System
The beyerdynamic IMS 900 is a personal monitoring system designed for professional touring, broadcast and permanent installation. The IMS 900’s 16 preprogrammed UHF frequencies are designed to provide easy setup and quick sound check.

The IMS system is made up of two compo-nents: the SE 900 stereo transmitter and the TE 900 stereo pocket receiver. The SE 900 transmitter is designed to accommodate up to eight channels per frequency range without interference. It is housed in a 9.5-inch metal case with a clear LC-display indicating group/channel and includes LEDs for audio levels, combo inputs and headphone output with volume control. The system comes equipped with a lock function. The pocket receiver is equipped with a mono/stereo switch, volume and balance control as well as two RF signal antennas designed to prevent signal dropouts. For added sound protection, the TE 900 comes equipped with a switchable limiter that protects against loud noise bursts. Earphones are included with all trans-mitters.

beyerdynamic • 631.293.3200 •

Electro-Voice REV Wireless System
Electro-Voice has released its new REV professional wireless system, with an analog audio path developed with Digital Audio Labs. REV-Link PC software enables remote monitoring, control and programming over a CAN bus connection through an Electro-Voice UCC-1 converter or Electro-Voice Netmax N8000. Factory set channel groups allow up to 16 systems to operate simultaneously in one frequency band. Programmable in 25 kHz steps across 24 MHz operating bandwidth, there are over 950 possible channels. EV’s Advanced ClearScan feature is designed to allow automatic group and channel selection. REV offers two handheld options: a metal compact handle for Concert and Broadcast and the Presentation Handheld for rental house and other applications. As well as offering four capsule options, REV features Electro-Voice’s guitar optimization set-ting.

Electro-Voice • 800.392.3497 •

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