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New Gear

FOH Staff • New Gear • October 15, 2008

Digidesign D-Show Profile Mix Rack System

Developed specifically for small- and mid-sized performance venues, houses-of-worship, touring and fixed installations, or as an upgrade for existing analog systems, the D-Show Profile Mix Rack System combines a D-Show Profile console with the new Mix Rack, a compact 11-space rack enclosure that incorporates all audio I/O (stage and local) and DSP into a single chassis. The resulting system combination is designed to offer a compact, portable and cost-effective way to take advantage of the power and flexibility of VENUE, including native control of a vast library of TDM plug-ins and tight integration with Pro Tools software for live multitrack recording and playback.

DPA 4099 Performance Series

The 4099 Guitar, 4099 Sax, 4099 Trumpet and 4099 Violin are multipurpose microphones. The mounts for the 4099s are designed and optimized for each of the four instrument families, and the condenser microphones feature super-cardioid polar patterns.. The versatile gooseneck provides stable positioning to ensure the microphone will never stray from the instrument’s sweet spot. The mics can be easily unclipped and repositioned or moved to another instrument with only one hand, while the mounting system is designed never to mar or scratch the finish of valuable instruments.

Fastlane Lightweight Cable Protectors

To provide better traction on smooth surfaces, Checkers now offers Fastlane Lightweight Cable Protectors with optional rubber pads on the bottom. These low-profile, drop-over protectors are made from durable polyurethane and feature patented “L-shape” connectors for attaching additional protectors to extend to any desired length. A patented 5-bar tread plate surface provides maximum traction for carts and pedestrian traffic. To transport or store Fastlane Lightweight Cable Protectors, Checkers also offers a ballistic nylon bag with a heavy-duty shoulder strap.

DiGiCo SD8

The SD8 has a fixed architecture and employs a smaller Super FPGA than the SD7, but contains the same features and versatility of the DiGiCo D Series. The SD8 incorporates Stealth Digital Processing, based on the single Super FPGA and combined with Analogue Devices Tiger SHARCS, to bring you the Tiger SHARC FX engine. This is designed to provide audio quality, precision and processing power with a range of built-in effects, reverbs, dynamics, output matrix and more. The SD8’s control surface has 37 motorized faders, dedicated and multi-function control knobs and electronic labelling. It also has a 15-inch high-resolution, touch-sensitive TFT LCD backlit display. This is the SD8’s primary command center and works with every other control of the console, automatically displaying functions that are relevant at the time. A physical fader, knob or backlit, electronically labelled button is either provided as standard for every major mix function or can be programmed onto one of the user macro buttons.

Meyer UPQ-2P Narrow Coverage Loudspeaker

The latest addition to Meyer’s UltraSeries family of loudspeakers, the UPQ-2P can operate as a stand-alone speaker or as part of an array. With extended low-frequency headroom, the UPQ-2P performs over a wide operating range of 55 Hz to 18 kHz, delivering a peak SPL of 136 dB. Its constant-Q horn yields coverage over a narrow beamwidth of 50 degrees by 50 degrees. The UPQ-2P features a low-frequency, 15-inch neodymium magnet cone driver and 4-inch diaphragm compression driver, both designed and manufactured at Meyer Sound’s Berkeley, Calif., laboratories. Its proprietary two-channel class AB/H power amplifier yields a combined power output of 1,275 W, and utilizes Meyer Sound’s proprietary QuietCool fan technology, which turns on at high audio levels to prevent overheating under extreme usage conditions. The amplifier is equipped with Meyer Sound’s Intelligent AC power supply that adapts to any power voltage worldwide. Meyer Sound’s 600-HP and 700-HP subwoofers are optimal choices for extended sub-bass power, as well as other Meyer Sound subwoofers, such as the 650-P high-power subwoofer and the USW-1P compact subwoofer.

Pro Co Sound QLS

Pro Co Sound’s Quick Link Solution (QLS) is a simplified method for wiring stage and studio audio breakout panels without the use of solder. Using industry-standard EDAC E-3 connectors, Pro Co pre-wires the panel and labels all terminations prior to shipping, reducing potential installation errors.

Neutrik convertCON

Neutrik, designer and manufacturer of the XX series XLR cable connector, has introduced the world’s first unisex 3-pin XLR connector. convertCON (NC3FM-C) is a new 3-pin male and female cable connector in a single housing.  By simply sliding the housing back and forth, convertCON is transformed from a male to female connector.  This new male/female cable end XLR allows for use of one connector, as it can mate with either a male or female 3-pin XLR. convertCON features an improved chuck-type strain relief that provides higher pull-out force and makes assembly easier and faster.  convertCON’s rugged zinc die cast shell ensures a long lasting and dependable connection, while its sleek and ergonomic design makes it convenient and easy to handle.

Sensaphonics dB Check In-Ear Sound Level Analyzer

Designed to work with Sensaphonics custom earphones, the dB Check is a handheld unit that measures and displays the actual A-weighted SPL and, more importantly, the recommended safe exposure time for that level on both the NIOSH and OSHA scales. To use the dB Check, plug it in between the sound source (IEM bodypack, iPod, etc.) and the earphones. The user selects the Sensaphonics model being used (ProPhonic 2X-S, 2MAX, or 3D Active Ambient), sets the duration (from one minute to two hours), and monitors normally. In operation, the dB Check displays the A-weighted decibel level in real time. When the duration expires, the LCD display shows both the average SPL and the recommended daily exposure time under both NIOSH and OSHA guidelines.

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