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Lauten Ships LS-308 Side-Address Condenser Mic

FOH Staff • New Gear • February 1, 2021
Lauten Audio LS-308 Side-Address Condenser Mic

Lauten Audio LS-308 Side-Address Condenser Microphone

Now shipping, the Lauten Audio LS-308 side-address condenser microphone sounds like a ribbon model, and yet can withstand a whopping 135 dB of SPL without internal padding.

Designed specifically for applications where isolation is needed, but difficult to achieve, the LS-308 can capture isolated electric guitars in front of a live drum kit, or the bottom of a snare drum with excellent isolation and dynamic range.

The LS-308’s signal path is finalized with high resolution, low-distortion polypropylene capacitors and resistors; a US-made, low-noise FET; and a custom wound output transformer for an impactful sound with high SPL handling — in addition to impressive isolation performance via its second-order cardioid pattern with 270 degrees of off-axis rejection.

Its sound is described as being similar to a ribbon microphone, but without the fragility and its classic timbre can be further shaped with two onboard analog filters that allow for immediate sound-shaping right at the source. It also features a large 35mm capsule and a low <15 dBA self-noise spec.

The Lauten Audio LS-308 is shipping now and retail is $499.

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