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L-Acoustics Soundvision 1.8

FOH Staff • New Gear • April 12, 2011

L-Acoustics Soundvision 1.8, the latest version of its 3D acoustical simulation software, features an updated data product library including the new architectural series (KARAi, SB18i) and new KARA-MINIBU and MINIBUEX bumpers.
These are in addition to the features implemented in the previous version, which include:

  • Air absorption calculation, function of humidity and temperature
  • Updated product library including K1, KARA, XT, P, SB28 and SB18
  • Unified contour template for WST line sources
  • +8 dBu maximum input level rule
  • Ergonomic improvements such as mapping mode custom color scaling
  • Compatibility with EASE 4.0 and CATT 8.0


Dedicated to L-Acoustics sound systems, Soundvision provides real-time mapping in Coverage and Delay modes; a 3D graphical interface; modular multiple window display; temporal mapping for time delay optimization and subwoofer mechanical data; and a free downloadable database of Soundvision venues for all users.


An upgrade package for existing users is available at



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