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Konig & Meyer Foldable Laptop Stand 

FOH Staff • New Gear • June 1, 2020
K&M Foldable Laptop Stand 

                                                           K&M Foldable Laptop Stand

The model #12190 Laptop Stand from Konig & Meyer is ideal in cramped mix spaces or in FOH/monitoring positions where you want your laptop kept closer at a convenient angle and above the table level where it could be subjected to beer splatter or drink spills. It features a robust steel tube construction that combines with the attractive aluminum foot and support plate ensuring excellent stability despite its low weight, yet it assembles and disassembles flat very easily.

The unit support weights up to 17.64 pounds on its 10.4 x 11.97″ bearing plate and addition to three choices of tilt (from 0 to 35-degrees) the plate also provides stop pins for safety. Street price is $144.99.

For more info, visit

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