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“Introduction to Show Networking” Book Debuts

FOH Staff • New Gear • February 10, 2021
Introduction to Show Networking book

Introduction to Show Networking

NEW YORK — Zircon Designs Press announces Introduction to Show Networking, a new book for event industry professionals that covers the basics of how Ethernet networks provide a platform for entertainment control and audio/video media distribution for concerts, theater productions, corporate and special events, cruise ship revues, wrestling shows, houses of worship, museum presentations, fountain spectaculars — any kind of show presented live for an audience.

Written by John Huntington — a professor of entertainment technology, sound engineer, and author of the book Show Networks and Control Systems — and available in print or e-book form, the 152-page book’s bottom-up approach was designed with show technicians in mind, starting with the basics and then moving up through cables, network switches, and layering, and on through Ethernet, and network components like TCP, UDP, IP and subnet masks, all with a practical focus. More advanced concepts are introduced, including broadcast storms and VLANs, along with show networking best practices.

The book closes with a network design process demonstrated through practical, real-world examples for lighting, sound, video, scenic automation, and show control networks. An appendix covering binary and hexadecimal numbers is also included. This easy-reading book draws from Huntington’s Show Networks and Control Systems, the industry standard since 1994, but is completely re-focused, reorganized, and updated.

John Huntington is a professor of entertainment technology at the New York City College of Technology, and he also freelances as an author, entertainment and show control systems consultant and sound engineer. Besides writing more than 40 published articles, Huntington has sound designed some 20 productions in New York City and regional theaters like Seattle Rep, and has presented 50 master classes, workshops, presentations, papers, and talks at conferences and trade shows throughout the United States. He holds an MFA from Yale School of Drama, a BFA from Ithaca College (BFA) and is a member of IATSE Local #1 in New York City.

Show Networks and Control Systems is available in print form ($25) from the Rational Acoustics store ( or; and as a $15 e-book from Google Play.

For more info, visit:

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