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High Definition Distributed System (HDDS) from ISP Technologies

FOH Staff • New Gear • September 26, 2010

ISP Technologies' High Definition Distributed Sound System (HDDS) with self-powered speakers connects over Cat5 cable with RJ45 connectors. With the distributed system's D-CAT amplifier technology in self-powered speakers, virtually all of the system current goes to drive the speakers and is capable of 30 watts of continuous power per speaker.
The system does not require any power attenuators for remote zone level control.  Instead, the remote level control is a simple voltage control connected via Cat5 cable to a low-cost potentiometer.


The master control module offers six separate linkable zones, each with three outputs that can connect 10 speakers in series.  Each control module has the potential to connect to 180 speakers, and control modules can be linked together. 


For small systems of two to four speakers, users can build a system without using the Master Control Module by connecting an external power pack and interconnecting the speakers with Cat5, then send audio from their source for a low-cost hi fi system.


By linking the zones on the master control module, the maximum volume control level can be set, and the remote level controls will not exceed that set volume.  Each ceiling speaker includes an additional RJ45 connector, offering separate level control per speaker.  Furthermore, all surface mount speakers include rear level controls, allowing for separate adjustment and balance of each speaker within the zone and even more flexibility.


HDDS offers plenum-rated ceiling speakers, non-plenum rated ceiling speakers and black and white surface mount speakers.  Remote level controls are available with single or dual pot control boards, and an iPod input jack is optional.


For more information, please visit


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