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Guard Dog Cable/Hose Protectors Updated with New Features

FOH Staff • New Gear • June 15, 2011

Checkers Industrial Safety Products has updated its Guard Dog five-channel cable/hose protectors with four through-holes (with an inside diameter of .21") that can be used for temporary mounting with either nails or screws. The cable/hose protectors have also been updated with pry slots under each through-hole to simplify removal when the cable protector is fastened down. If the user's application simply requires increased traction on smooth surfaces, an optional rubber pad kit is also available.
Guard Dog five-channel cable/hose protectors come with a modular, interlocking design that helps protect and route cables, hoses, and electrical lines. They can be used with multiple cable/hose sizes and are designed for easy setup, disassembly and storage. The hinged lid gives users easy access to place each cable/hose line in its own protective channel. Each Guard Dog Cable Protector also now includes a 2.25" x 1.25" smooth area for adhering a barcode label or RFID tag. Cross-Guard ADA Compliant Ramps and Rails also can be added to Guard Dog cable protectors at any time.


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