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Gear Box Pro Power Cube 4E+

FOH Staff • New Gear • September 2, 2010

Gear Box Pro's Power Cube 4E+ 20 amp quad power box features Neutrik PowerCON and Hubbell Edison style power components. A/C is supplied to the Power Cube 4E+ through a 20-Amp PowerCON inlet connector, directly wired to a 20-Amp PowerCON outlet. This permits multiple Power Cubes to be connected end to end on a single circuit.
On each of the open ends of the extruded housing is an Edison 15-amp Duplex Receptacle with its own dedicated 10-Amp supplementary circuit interrupter (Breaker) and power indicator lamp. Each duplex receptacle has a total maximum load of 8-Amps.


All PowerCON inlets and outlets are parallel connected supporting a combined maximum electrical load of 12-16 Amps depending on the rating of the power supply cord connected. The 4E+ is available in right or left hand versions.


The units feature one-piece solid aluminum extruded housing with an integrated fly-track for standard rigging clips.


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