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Flex Rental Solutions Releases Flex 4

FOH Staff • New Gear • September 2, 2010

Flex Rental Solutions is proud to announce the release of Flex 4, the most flexible and intuitive Rental and Inventory software ever designed for the Pro A/V industry.
Flex 4 is the only web based rental software on the market and requires nothing more than an Internet connection to access from anywhere in the world.  And Flex 4 is the only system of its kind that supports users on Windows, Mac, or Linux platforms.    Other key innovations include drag-and-drop inventory management, phonetic search, and single click conflict resolution.


Our new warehouse module includes voice prompts in the user's native language for wireless operation, continuous progress updates, bar code printing direct from the system and instant shortage notifications when mistakes in the warehouse might create shortages for another job.


The ownership, development and support team has over 75 combined years of experience in the Pro A/V industry.  Chris Stein, CEO of Flex Rental Solutions, understands the frustration companies face with their inventory software.  "In my former role as an audio engineer and warehouse manager, I implemented and used many of our competitor's software. My frustrations with other software pushed us to create a platform that has finally brought rental and inventory tracking software into the Internet age."


Flex 4 was designed to be the most flexible systems serving the industry.  All documents, including quotes, pull sheets, invoices, and purchase orders, are customizable to conform to your business needs and operating procedures.


In an industry first, Flex Rental Solutions has made Flex 4 available as a monthly service (SaaS – Software as a Service), delivered via Cloud Hosting, where Flex takes care of everything from server provisioning, deployment, setup, monitoring, backup and disaster recovery in one of our secure data centers located throughout the world.



Contact: Chris Stein


Flex Rental Solutions


chris [at]

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