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EM Acoustics S Series Subwoofer Range

FOH Staff • New Gear • September 17, 2019

EM Acoustics ST-215

EM Acoustics’ new S Series brings all of the company’s subwoofers into a single class for ease of identification. The new range includes seven subwoofers designed to augment EM Acoustics’ full range loudspeakers in a variety of fixed and portable sound reinforcement applications. The ST-215 is pictured here.

More details from EM Acoustics (

The baby of the range is the new S-48 low profile, compact VLF subwoofer whose minimal dimensions allow for easy concealment in confined spaces such as galleries, bars, cafés, museums and smaller theatres. Four high power 8-inch neodymium LF drive units deliver useable response down to 35Hz without the need for EQ.

At the top end of the range is the recently introduced ST-215 compact flyable touring subwoofer, which is perfectly proportioned to fly with EM Acoustics’ newly launched HALO-B medium format line array system. The larger ST-218 high power dual 18-inch flyable sub is designed to be matched with the large format HALO-A system.

All the subwoofers in class are prefixed with S- followed by a number (e.g. S-12, S-15, S-18) giving a clear indication of size and composition, and thus application. All S Series subwoofers come complete with a range of rigging points and an impact-resistant paint finish as standard plus custom colour and weather-resistant options.

“The introduction of the S Series will make it much easier for customers to find their way around our product offering and quickly identify what they need,” says Mike Wheeler, operations director at EM Acoustics. “The advent of S Series has been part of a targetted restructuring of our product range in order to streamline our catalogue and ensure that everything we produce is both genuinely relevant to our customers’ needs and simple to indentify. It’s been an exacting but invigorating task. Despite having to make some tough decisions about established products the process has been hugely constructive. Everyone will benefit from the distillation and concentration of our range.”

“Our subwoofer range is now versatile, varied and fully coherent. This move is further proof that EM Acoustics is dynamic and adaptable, and I’m looking forward to presenting our new product to customers both at PLASA and in the months to come.”


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