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DirectOut’s PRODIGY Series available with Ember+

FOH Staff • New Gear • September 14, 2020


DirectOut noted that its Prodigy series is now available with Ember+ as a paid software option, which can be purchased separately per device.

More details from DirectOut (

With the latest update for its PRODIGY Series just being released, DirectOut does not stop spoiling its customers with new features. From the beginning the series was designed to add support of third party control protocols, easing integration into projects where independent or existing control software or systems are already in place. So far control of PRODIGY.MC and PRODIGY.MP was only possible via the front panel touch display and the remote control software globcon, using its native JSON API.

Ember+ has now been added as the first network based third party protocol. It is an open control protocol based on an initiative of the Lawo Group and is already used by companies such as Riedel, SSL and Lawo. The DirectOut implementation allows controling the configuration, the settings of the Microphone Preamp and the Routing Matrix including channel labeling, as well as monitoring the status of the device.

“Ember+ opens up the range of control systems that can interact with our PRODIGY devices. For example popular and widespread software like hi, VSM or KSC may be used. Even direct access from a mixing console can be possible,” says Claudio Becker-Foss, CEO/CTO of DirectOut, “Actually, we´ve already successfully tested our implementation with Broadcast Solutions´ control software hi, without any changes required in the software.”

globcon can be used at the same time to control other functions, e.g. the DSP section of PRODIGY.MP.

Ember+ will be available as a paid software option for the PRODIGY Series and can be purchased separately per device.

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