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D-Tools SI5.5 SP3 Upgrade Now Available

FOH Staff • New Gear • January 20, 2011

D-Tools, Inc. announced the release of SI5.5 Service Pack 3, with new support for QuickBooks 2011, Outlook 2010 and Visio 2010. In addition, D-Tools announced limited support for AutoCAD x64 installations. In combination with third-party Longbow software (purchased separately), SI5.5 SP3 has been tested against current versions of AutoCAD 64-bit.
SI5.5 SP3 includes the following enhancements:


SI5.5 Navigator

  • Created Date and Modified Date added to Projects Grid
  • Grid sort on Projects Grid and Reports Grid works across pages
  • Project revisions have description and date created fields
  • Projects grid has option to set number of projects to display in each page
  • Refresh Projects syncs local projects with server projects
  • Login has option to "Remember user and password"
  • Data Request and Online Data Library links added to data group



  • New built-in report "Proposal (Equipment and Labor)" shows equipment and labor price side by side in proposal report.
  • Change Order Reports show added, modified and deleted items separately with appropriate quantities
  • Reports Grid – persists settings, loads faster and has option to turn off Scope of work.
  • Purchase Order Reports have parameter to not show OFE products
  • Print option added to project summary and line item summary



  • Duplicate product/package has option to duplicate to same location/zone or multiple location(s)/zone(s)
  • Replace Product in projects has option to "Maintain Shape" and "Keep Accessories"
  • PDM has option to view discontinued products only.
  • Option to prompt for wire length and headend for package wire
  • Update to Master – Changes in Category, Manufacturer or Model in product dialog in projects update the correct master product (does not create a new product)
  • Text has option to show or hide Product Explorer



  • Item List and Sync includes an option to show or hide discontinued products
  • Item List has an option to filter only approved items.


A complete list of SP3 features, enhancements and bug fixes is available at


For more information, please visit


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