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CAD Audio GXLIEM In-Ear Monitor Systems

FOH Staff • New Gear • November 17, 2020
The GXLIEM4 quad mix transmitter with four bodypacks

      The GXLIEM4 quad mix transmitter with four bodypacks

CAD Audio introduces three new IEM systems to its GXL Series. The GXLIEM systems deliver top-end performance, flexibility and value. The GXLIEM Wireless IEM Systems are available in three configurations — a single mix transmitter (GXLIEM), dual mix transmitter (GXLIEM2) and quad mix transmitter (GXLIEM4) base station that transmits discrete mixes to your performers. With their near-infinite bodypack receiver monitoring ability, users can set up multiple mixes with high bodypack receiver counts.

The GXLIEM systems Frequency Agile design aides in the assurance of a clean, clear, channel plan. In addition, the bodypack receiver has a high contrast display, a battery life indicator and is supplied with MEB1 high performance earbuds. The robust, rack mountable, all-metal transmitter is supplied with rack ears, antenna relocation kit and half wave antenna. Systems operate in 900 MHz band free from TV and FCC regulatory issues. Systems are supplied with equal quantity BodyPack receivers to transmitters.

Street prices are: $199 for a Single (GXLIEM); $299 for a Dual (GXLIEM4); and $499 for a Quad (GXLIEM4).

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