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Burl Audio B4 Preamp Cards for B80 Stagebox

FOH Staff • New Gear • February 23, 2021


A single B80 rack can accommodate up to 32 preamp/line input channels.

Burl Audio’s B4 4-channel MIC/LINE input daughter card for the B80 and B16 MOTHERSHIPs offers an easy way to create custom, high-performance stage boxes with Dante or SoundGrid compatibility.

The B4 daughter card

The B4 daughter card exhibits exceptional detail to audio performance and component selection. The B4 maintains a no-compromise, Class-A analog circuit, followed by the same ADC used in Burl Audio’s high-performance BAD8. The B4 boasts the new BX6 input transformer designed for true MIC/LINE input impedance. Using a single B80 chassis, 40 input channels of audiophile MIC/LINE inputs can be realized.

With digital control and SoundGrid or Dante compatibility, the B80 MOTHERSHIP with the B4 MIC/LINE daughter card creates a top-shelf, studio-grade stage box, with wide frequency response out to 30k Hz and sample rate support out to 192kHz.


The B4 MIC PRE Daughter Card Features:

  • 4-channel MIC / LINE ADC
    • 4-channel XLR connectivity
    • All class-A, NextGen Analog BOPA14 op-amps
    • NEW BX6 input transformers
    • 40 total MIC / LINE input channels per B80
    • Avid delay matching
    • ADC filter select
    • Fully balanced signal path for extremely low noise floor

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