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Beyer Expands TG Instrument Mic Line

FOH Staff • New Gear • September 24, 2020

The TG D70 kick-drum microphone (left) and the TG I51 instrument microphone.

beyerdynamic has just added two new microphones to its Touring Gear (TG) series. The dynamic kick-drum microphone TG D70 and the instrument microphone TG I51 are manufactured at the company’s facility in Heilbronn, Germany. Each microphone has a rugged die-cast zinc housing and compact design — both features that enable them to excel in harsh onstage environments.

This second generation of the TG D70 is a large-diaphragm is voiced specifically to record kick drums. The jack-of-all-trades TG I51 brings out the best in every instrument – from snares and toms to guitar amps and brass instruments.

The world-famous M88 capsule in the second generation of the TG D70 takes sound quality to a level never dreamed of by its predecessor model. The capsule system has elastic suspension, a feature that prevents floor impacts from being transmitted through the stand and its hypercardioid pattern offers isolation from ambient noises and prevents acoustic feedback.

The TG D70 ($249) and the TG I51 ($129) are available exclusively via Sweetwater Sound ( and both microphones come with an integrated clip and carry bag.

For more info, visit

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