B&C High Energy DS Subwoofer Family Expands

FOH Staff • New Gear • September 17, 2019

Florence, Italy-based B&C has expanded their DS Series of high motor strength subwoofers to include 4” coil motor options. Pictured here are B&C’s new high energy DS subwoofers, the 15DS100 and 18DS100

More details from B&C Speakers (www.bcspeakers.com):

The DS Series are the next evolution in professional subwoofers, using a new, longer, four-layer aluminum voice coil. The result is more energy in the gap, higher sensitivity, lower distortion and better overall performance.

The new 15DS100 and 18DS100 both feature a 37mm long, 4 inch diameter (100mm) Copper Clad Aluminum Wire voice coil, ventilated voice coil gap, and an aluminum demodulation ring to reduce distortion. Both are rated for 1500watt AES power, ~97dB sensitivity, and over 14.0mm of Xvar excursion. Both models are available in 8 Ohm or 4 Ohm impedances.

These high-energy subwoofers are significant step forward from similar models in the B&C range, and perfect for reflex, and horn loaded cabinets where small cabinet size and low frequency extension are priorities.

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