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Bag End Powered Double 10 Bass Systems with Built-In Infra Processor

FOH Staff • New Gear • December 19, 2010

Bag End Loudspeaker Systems now offers its Infra processor as a built-in option in its self-powered double 10 subwoofer systems. With Infra inside, both the IPD10E-I (installation enclosure) and the IPD10E-R (portable enclosure) can be implemented into a variety of sound system with ease. The company also promises sound with a sense of power and authority at both low and high listening levels.
Within the IPD10E-I and IPD10E-R models , a full range line level signal is sent to the systems input. The internal  Infra integrator, Minima One amplifier and loudspeaker process the signal into a flat response low frequency acoustic output. The dynamic filter protection threshold is internally preset and eliminates distortion and accidental overload.


The Minima One is a 1,000 watt high-fidelity, high efficiency amplifier that weighs 5 pounds and features the auto sensing AC line, which automatically accepts any line voltage from 88 to 270 volts. Analog InGenius balanced line receiver inputs provide high common mode rejection to remove noise sometimes found in less-optimized grounding schemes. Green power consumption utilizes high efficiency, low heat amplifier design and includes remote turn on/off control.


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