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Audio-Technica rcu104 Receiver Coordinator Unit

FOH Staff • New Gear • July 16, 2010

Audio-Technica expands its SpectraPulse Ultra Wideband (UWB) wireless microphone system with the rcu104 Receiver Coordinator Unit, which allows for an expanded SpectraPulse coverage area and strengthens the UWB signal through the use of multiple drm141 Digital Receiver Modules.
The rcu104 also allows a single SpectraPulse system to be shared between two closely-located or adjacent rooms. As a new application of UWB technology, SpectraPulse offers secure wireless operation free from RF competition, frequency coordination and "white space" issues.


The rcu104 lets a SpectraPulse system operate with up to four drm141 Digital Receiver Modules, expanding the coverage area of the system while increasing the robustness of the UWB connection beyond the range provided by a single drm141.


Each rcu104 incorporates connections for up to four drm141s and a SpectraPulse aci707 Audio Control Interface. The rcu104 receives the incoming data streams from the drm141s and creates a single data stream that can be interpreted by up to two linked aci707 units.


The rcu104 supplies power for all connected drm141s. Front panel LED indicators on the rcu104 provide visual status of drm141 power, firmware conflict error, data connection communication and mtu signal activity.


Designed for easy installation, the rcu104 also manages UWB pulse timing, data coming from the aci707 and correct programming of encryption keys. Occupying a single rack space, the rcu104 interconnects using standard RJ45 connections and it can be located up to 500 feet from the DRMs and 200 feet from the aci707.


Audio-Technica's SpectraPulse rcu104 DRM Coordinator will be available Summer 2010 with a U.S. MSRP of $4,600, and it comes standard with a five-year warranty.


For more information, please visit



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