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APB ProSpec Rackmount Mixers

FOH Staff • New Gear • December 7, 2010

APB designed its new family of ProSpec mixers for live performance applications, including Mono, Stereo, or LCR mixing in installations, and also for portable ap-plications. Each of the ProSpec-1U8M's 8 mic/line input channels features a Burr-Brown microphone pre-amplifier with APB-engineered support electronics.
Every input channel also has internally-lit switches for Solo, 48 Volt, Polarity Reverse, and High-Pass filter functions. A dynamic dual-colored LED is on each input channel for signal monitoring.


Channel assignment can be selected by an additional per channel-illuminated switch to Left Right (with pan control) or Center mix buses. Master output level functions are controlled by a single L-C-R master level control.


THAT Corporation OutSmarts line drivers feed individual Left, Right, and Center output XLR connectors. Output meters are provided to monitor signal levels of Left, Right and Center, and a switch is provided to sum Left-Right mix buses into a mono signal.  An option linking system is also available.


The U.S. MSRP for ProSpec-1U8M is $990.


For more information, please visit

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