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JBL Professional VTX B28 Arrayable Dual-18” Subwoofer

FOH Staff • October 2020Technology Spotlight • October 11, 2020

JBL Professional VTX B28

Since their release just a few short years ago, the award-winning JBL VTX A-Series loudspeakers have quickly taken the sound reinforcement industry by storm. From hotels and houses of worship to stadium tours and sporting arenas, VTX A-Series loudspeakers have been selected worldwide for their impressive sound, smooth coverage and streamlined rigging options.

With varying degrees of coverage across three different models, the VTX A-Series offers tour sound providers and rental companies with the flexibility to design systems that match the needs of any listening environment. And, while VTX A-Series loudspeakers provide superior low-frequency extension down to 46 Hz, some applications call for a little extra power in the bass frequencies.

The new JBL Professional VTX B28 utilizes the same groundbreaking technology found in the VTX A-Series loudspeakers to provide uncompromised low-frequency performance, even for the most demanding shows on the planet.

Systems are equally at home in flown (shown here) or ground-stack applications

‡‡         VTX B28

The VTX B28 is a next-generation dual 18-inch subwoofer, designed to complement the company’s flagship VTX full-range sound reinforcement systems.

Under the grille, two JBL 2288H-M 18-inch Differential Drive transducers with dual voice coils and dual-gap neodymium magnets provide extra-long excursion and improved cooling. As with the B18 subwoofer, the VTX B28 combines the best aspects of the previous-generation S28 and G28 with improved performance, flexible deployment options and a wide range of accessories, making B28 a solid investment and an outstanding performer for tour sound providers, rental companies and installations.

The rigging system is simple to use, yet secure. The mechanism at the top of the enclosure extends the link bar for the connection to another unit while the mechanism at the bottom of the cabinet (with the black “safety” pin release button) locks the two B28 subwoofers together.

‡‡         Accessorizing the VTX B28

With versatile mounting and configuration options, the B28 fits seamlessly into any system. A streamlined, two-point rigging system allows it to be suspended in an array, and the spring-loaded design ensures silent operation and fast, safe setups. This all-captive rigging system utilizes a spring-loaded mechanism to deploy the link bars and a unique locking system that complies with all safety requirements without using traditional quick release pins. B28 subwoofers can be deployed in omnidirectional or cardioid arrays, either ground-stacked or in suspended configurations of up to 16 enclosures.

Independent sets of feet on the bottom and sides of the B28 allow the subwoofers to be stacked vertically or horizontally, and universal M20 mounting hardware interfaces with VTX Series base plates for constructing complete ground-stacked arrays. Neutrik NL4 connectors on both the front and rear of the unit enable convenient wiring in standard or directional configurations.

Also available with the VTX B28 is a suite of accessories for VTX products, including the B28 BP baseplate, VTX B28 GND ground stack accessory, B28 SB suspension bar, B28 VT vertical transporter and VT CVR cover, B28 ACC caster board and cover, A12 BP base plate and V20 BP base plate.

In addition to the VTX Series’ comprehensive family of hardware and software products and accessories that work together to facilitate the complete event workflow, from system design to transport home. Tools support tasks every step of the way.

Full integration with JBL Performance Manager and Line Array Calculator (LAC) software and apps makes it easy to fit the B28 into any JBL line array system. Universal preset support and speaker tunings allow for perfect compatibility with V-Series, F-Series and M-Series products as well.

The design has two 2288H-M 18” neodymium woofers flanking a central, flared exponential port

‡‡         The Sound

A combination of proprietary JBL drivers and a large, central, flared exponential port provides minimal turbulence, while delivering superior low-frequency output without distortion or artifacts — even at elevated SPLs. FEA-optimized integral bracing eliminates standing waves inside the cabinet, preventing unwanted frequency anomalies and vibrations. B28 systems are designed to pair with Crown I-Tech HD amplifiers for unmatched performance and consistency.

‡‡         Bottom Line

The VTX B28 dual 18-inch subwoofer delivers transparent, linear bass response down to 25 Hz, and is the perfect solution for low-end extension in any VTX system, whether for rental, AV and touring companies, or high-end fixed installations.



With this new design, JBL combines its patented fourth-generation Differential Drive woofers with an advanced enclosure design and convenience features that raise the bar both in terms of low-frequency performance and fast-paced production ergonomics.


Drivers: (2) 18-inch 2288H-M woofers with dual 4-inch voice coils

Magnet Material: Neodymium

Frequency Range (-10 dB): 25 Hz – 80 Hz (Preset: VTX B28 80)

System Impedance: 4-ohms

System Input Power Rating: 2,600W continuous (IEC/100 hour)

Max Peak SPL: 141 dB (Preset: VTX B28 80)

Coverage Pattern Options: Omnidirectional or cardioid

Amplification: Unpowered; Crown I-Tech 12000HD or I-Tech 4x3500HD recommended


Construction: 11-ply 18mm and 15mm, exterior-grade Baltic birch plywood

Finish: Black DuraFlex

Grill: Powder-coated 14-gauge, hex-perforated stainless steel with acoustically transparent black cloth backing

IP Rating: IP55 (IEC 60529)

Suspension: Captive suspension plates, captive pins, spring-loaded mechanism, two-step safety lock

Connectors: Neutrik NL4 Speakon

Dimensions (HxWxD): 20 x 52.1 x 29.5”

Weight: 191.8 pounds

Manufacturer: JBL Professional

More Info:


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