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Summer Unlocked

FOH Staff • August 2021 ShowtimeShowtime • August 5, 2021

The show, staged July 23, featured DaBaby, Tyga, Jack Harlow and Rick Ross, among others.

Sound Co

Spider Ranch Productions


Toyota Arena

Ontario, CA


Producer: Amalgam

FOH Engineer: Travis Strain

Monitor Engineer: Chris Maijala

Systems Engineer: Duane Klose

Production/Tour Manager: Sean Atkins

System Techs: Jesse Tarver, Sebastien Richard



Console: DiGiCo SD7

Speakers: Main Hangs: Outline GTO (16 per side); Side Hangs: Outline GTO (9 per side); Subs: Outline GTO Subs (24)

Amps: Powersoft K10 (54), X8 (4)

Processing: Armonia/Lake

Plug-ins: Waves

Power Distro: Entertainment Metals

Breakout/Snake Assemblies: Entertainment Metals

Rigging: CM


Console: DiGiCo SD10

Speakers: L-Acoustics X15 HiQ (16)

Amps: Lab.gruppen PLM 12000 (6)

Mics: Shure

Event Details:

The July 23 show in the L.A. area, celebrated the gradual easing of Covid lockdown restrictions, featured DaBaby, Tyga, Jack Harlow, Rick Ross, Rae Sremmurd, Polo G, Bia, Bankrol Hayden, Drakeo The Ruler, Bluebucks Clan, Malaynah and others.

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