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Showtime Classic: BottleRock Festival 2013

FOH Staff • July 2020Showtime • July 10, 2020

The lineup at the inaugural event included the Avett Brothers, pictured here. Photo by Trevor Bolliger

Sound Co

Delicate Productions


Napa Valley Expo Fairgrounds,

Napa, CA


  • Production Manager: George Edwards
  • Lead Audio Systems Engineer: Bryan Bazilsky
  • Audio System Tech: Makoto Araki
  • Audio Production Coordinator: Meegan Holmes
  • Main Stage FOH A1: Andy Turner
  • Main Stage Monitor A1: Steve Walsh
  • Main Stage System Tech: Craig Robertson
  • Main Stage Patching: Manny Barajas, Peter Baigent


  • Main Stage FOH Consoles: AVID Profile; Yamaha PM5D-RH; Midas PRO6
  • Main Stage Speakers: (16/side) Martin Audio MLA
  • Subwoofers: (24) Martin MLX Hybrid
  • Front Fill Speakers: (12) Martin W8LM
  • Delay: (16) MLA Compacts
  • Drive Processing: Dolby Lake LP4D12
  • Snake Assemblies: Custom 300’ 56-ch with 56-ch split
  • Main Stage Monitor Consoles: AVID Profile 48/24; Yamaha PM5D-RH; DiGiCo SD8
  • Main Stage Monitors: (14) d&b M2
  • Side Fills: Each with (4) Martin W8C; (4) Martin W8CS subs; (2) Martin WS218X subs
  • Wireless Mics: (6) Shure UHF-R w/SM58 heads

Event Details

The inaugural festival pairing first-rate music, food and drink took place from May 8-12, 2013. Offering five stages (with the Main Stage featured here), the festival featured 80 bands included Bad Religion, Ben Harper, Black Crowes, Black Keys, Blues Traveler, Jackson Browne, Jane’s Addiction, Joan Jett, Kings of Leon, Primus, Train, Violent Femmes, Dwight Yoakam, Zac Brown and The Avett Brothers.

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