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Richmond Symphony & Commonwealth Bluegrass

FOH Staff • November 2020Showtime • November 4, 2020

Grant Howard sets up the FOH position

Sound Co

Soundworks of Virginia


Pocahontas State Park,

Chesterfield, VA


FOH Engineer: Grant Howard

Monitor Engineer: Bryan Hargrave

Systems Engineer: Bryan Hargrave

Production Manager: Brent Bowden (Richmond Symphony Orchestra)

P.A. Tech: Steve Payne


FOH Console: Soundcraft Vi1

Main Speakers: Martin Audio Wavefront WPS

Subwoofers: Martin Audio SXH218

Fill Speakers: Martin Audio CDDLive15

Amplifiers: Martin Audio Ikon IK42

Drive Processing: Lab.gruppen LM4

Power Distro: Motion Labs

FOH Rigging: VMB TLA500 line array lifts

Monitor Console: Midas M32R

Monitor Speakers: Soundworks SW2

Amps: Lab.gruppen PLM20kQ

IEMs: Sennheiser IEM G3 EW300

Wireless Mics: Shure ULXD

Wired Mics: DPA 4099, Shure Beta 88A, SM57

Event Details:

Held in the beautiful Pocahontas State Park Amphitheater (Chester, VA), the show featured the Richmond Symphony Orchestra accompanying the Commonwealth Bluegrass Band. The 2,500-capacity venue’s audience was limited to 350 socially distanced patrons for this event.

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