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Restart-19/Tim Bendzko

FOH Staff • October 2020Showtime • October 11, 2020

Tim Bendzko performed for the Restart-19 research study.

Sound Co

Schalldruck Audio



Leipzig Arena

Leipzig, Germany



FOH Engineer: Stefan Lohr

Systems Engineer: Sebastian Baehr



FOH Console: AVID Profile

Outboard: CODA System Optimiser; Rational Acoustics SMAART

Main Speakers: (12) CODA AiRAY/side, (6) ViRAY downfills/side

Outhangs: (8) ViRAY per side

Subwoofers: (10) CODA SCP-F, (4) SCV-F

Fill Speakers: (6) N-APS front fills

Amplifiers: CODA LINUS14D

Drive Processing: CODA LINUS Control


Event Details:

Chemnitz, Germany-based Schalldruck Audio provided the P.A. for “Restart-19,” a study conducted by Halle University Medical Center that examined the Covid-19 risks associated with staging cultural or sporting events in indoor arenas. For this test, Tim Bendzko and his band played for 1,800 masked and socially distanced fans in the 12,200-capacity Leipzig Arena.

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