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Purdue Christmas Show

FOH Staff • February 2020Showtime • February 9, 2020

Sound Co

Hall of Music Productions


Elliott Hall of Music
West Lafayette, IN


  • FOH Engineer: Dallas Johnson
  • Monitor Engineer: Kenneth Max
  • Systems Engineer: Kenneth Max
  • Production Manager: Scott Wheeler
  • Tour Manager: Geoff Gouch
  • RF Technician: Luke Wheat


  • FOH Console: DiGiCo SD10
  • Outboard: Waves SoundGrid Extreme Server
  • Main Speakers: (24) JBL Vertec 4888
  • Subwoofers: (4) JBL Vertec 4880
  • Front/Balcony Fill Speakers: (60) Meyer UPM-1
  • Amplifiers: Crown MacroTech 5002vz, Crown MacroTech 1200; Lab.gruppen
  • Drive Processing: dbx DriveRack
  • Snake Assemblies: Whirlwind, DiGiCo
  • Power Distro: Whirlwind
  • FOH Rigging: CM
  • Monitor Console: Avid Venue SC48
  • Monitor Speakers: (9) Meyer UPA, (9) Meyer UMA,\
  • Amps: MacroTech 1200
  • IEMs: (5) Sennheiser G3
  • Wireless Mics: 37channels of Shure Axient/ULX
  • Wired Mics: Heil, Schoeps, AKG,

Event Details:

The magical, lyrical annual campus miracle known as the Purdue Christmas Show is the Purdue Musical Organization’s premiere production and features hundreds of student performances. The show is always a sellout and tickets go on sale months earlier.

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