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“Broadway Bounty Hunter”

FOH Staff • October 2019Showtime • October 14, 2019

Photo by Matthew Murphy

Sound Cos
Sound Associates, See Factor

Greenwich House Theater,
New York City


Sound Designer: Cody Spencer

Associate Sound Designer: Stephen Jensen

FOH Engineers: Cody Spencer, Stephen Jensen

Production Manager: Tinc Productions

Production Stage Manager: E. Sara Barnes

Photo by Matthew Murphy


FOH Console: Yamaha CL3

Outboard: L-ISA Controller; QLab 3

Frontal Speakers: (5) L-Acoustics X12

Immersion Speakers: (9) L-Acoustics 5XT

Subs: (2) L-Acoustics SB15m

Proscenium Fills: (2) L-Acoustics 5XT

Balcony Fills: (4) X8

Amplifiers: (7) L-Acoustics LA4X

Photo by Matthew Murphy

Event Details: The first theatrical musical in North America to use L-Acoustic’s L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound technology, Broadway Bounty Hunter involves a down-on-her-luck actress who takes a gig to become a real-life, kung-fu fighting bounty hunter. After selling out its initial world premiere at Barrington Stage Company, the show moved to New York City for a month-long off-Broadway run which closed Aug. 18 after 48 performances.

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