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6: Metallica

FOH Staff • January 2020Showtime • January 12, 2020

METALLICA © Steve Jennings

Tour: WorldWired Tour

Sound Cos: Ultrasound, Victory Event Stage & Tour, PRG/VER


  • FOH Engineer: “Big Mick” Hughes,
  • Systems Engineers: Chris Hall, Jay Day, Chris Nichols
  • Monitor Engineers: Bob Cowan, Adam Correia
  • Audio Crew: Paul White (Crew Chief), Mike Bollella, Dana Daniel, Jess Hammersly, Sean McAdam, Pat Row
  • Show Director: Dan Braun
  • Tour Manager: Eric Johnson
  • Production Manager: John “Lug” Zajonc
  • Production Assistant: Holly Harkins
  • Production Coordinator: Vicki Huxel
  • Stage Managers: Michael Washer, Derek Evans
  • Rigging: Five Points Production Services
  • Head Rigger: Chad Koehler
  • Riggers: Chad Koehler (Head), Kenneth Ruhman, Darrell Schlabach



  • Console: Midas XL-8 (Metallica-owned)
  • Outboard/Processing: TC Electronic D-Two, Korg DRV 3000, BBE Sonic Maximizer, Waves Maxx-BCL
  • Speakers: Mains: Meyer Lyon, Leo, Leopard, 1100-LFC, VLFC


  • Consoles: Midas PRO9, Midas PRO2 (Metallica-owned)
  • Wireless Mics: Shure Axient
  • Wired: DPA, Shure, Audix, Audio-Technica, Fractal Audio
  • Misc: Radial ProD8

Tour Notes:

The 16-leg, 178-show “WorldWired” tour has been touring, off and on, since Feb. 2016, with soundcos UltraSound, Denmark-based Victory Event Stage & Tour and PRG/VER all providing gear for the shows. Meyer Sound also provided a big assist for the two S&M shows opening San Francisco’s Chase Center in September. Bob McCarthy, David Vincent and James Edmondson helped design a 250-box setup for Metallica and the San Francisco Symphony, with an outer ring of 10 arrays in five stereo pairs of Lyon-M, Lyon-W and Leopard components. UPJuniors ringing the stage and 1100-LFC handled the low end, along with system optimization via Galileo Galaxy processing. UltraSound supported the symphony, led by conductor Edwin Outwater, with a massive mic package along with Avid Profile and Yamaha CL5 consoles. The multi-year, multi-continent “WorldWired” tour picks up again in 2020, with a series of shows planned for South America this spring followed by a final series of festival gigs North America this summer and fall.

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