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House of Worship Projects

Thomas S. Friedman • February 2020Installations • February 10, 2020

There’s nothing easy about doing sound for the worship environment, where services range from traditional piano/organ with voices to high-SPL praise bands at rock concert levels — sometimes just hours apart. Add in a worship environment that’s typically an overly reverberant space with lavish use of wood, glass, marble and other highly reflective materials, and reproducing clear audio becomes a significant challenge.

Modern technologies have enabled the creation of worship environments with high intelligibility, wide bandwidth, superb coverage, controlled dispersion and mix tools that allow the FOH engineer to translate the power of the word to the entire congregation, whether seated near the altar or in the last row. And in this case, the clarity of the message is everything.

With that in mind, we looked into some recent installation projects. Each of took a different approach, proving there are numerous solutions to any audio problem — large or small — for any sanctuary.

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