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Holiday Gift Ideas for the FOH Reader

George Petersen • December 2019Features • December 14, 2019

Shopping for sound reinforcement pros is no easy task. We have enough Leathermen, Mini MagLites and cutesy swag items to last 100 tours. What we could really use is something that could make a difference in our everyday lives. With that in mind, here’s our annual holiday gift guide. Just leave this issue of FRONT of HOUSE lying around (opened to this page) where the right person can find it. Grab your trusty Sharpie, circle any items of interest so potential gifters will spot it — and voila… in a few weeks, you (hopefully) will receive gifts you’ll truly appreciate. It’s easy and fun, so give it a try! Here are a few suggestions of great gifts for the holiday season.

To download a PDF of FOH’s 2019 Holiday Guide, CLICK HERE

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