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Stage Monitors

George Petersen • Buyer's GuideJune 2019 • June 17, 2019

These days, there’s a lot of hoopla about in-ear monitoring, but if truth be told, our old friend the wedge monitor is still very much with us. In fact, stage monitors are essential, must-have tools in many sound reinforcement setups. Sure, you might want to set up 60 individual IEM mixes for a large choir, but realistically, a couple well-placed wedges will do the trick and get the job done fast. On a smaller scale, club gigs with three bands on one night are rarely an ideal situation for in-ears, especially if you’re mixing monitors from the FOH position. Another reality is that many performers — whether in a church or a large concert stage — simply don’t like IEMs.

With that in mind, we decided to look at the current crop of wedges, and even though there are plenty of “general purpose” speakers that can double as wedges, for this article, we’re focusing on models mainly dedicated to stage monitoring duties.

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