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Interchangeable Mic Heads for Wireless Systems

George Petersen • Buyer's GuideDecember 2020 • December 10, 2020

At one time, choosing a wireless rig meant selecting from a few mic offerings from that manufacturer. Today, interchangeable capsule options in many higher-end systems open the door for endless mic/transmitter pairings, from the maker itself or third-party suppliers. There’s no universal standard for interchangeable capsules, yet the 1.25-inch/28-thread screw mount is adopted by a number of companies. However, incompatibility issues can arise, such as voltage requirements of various condenser capsules or something as simple as a spacer ring for proper electrical contact. So check with the manufacturer before you dive into a mix/match system. We uncovered plenty of possibilities in this market and present this selection of capsules that might work with your rig

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