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JBL Professional AE Compact Loudspeakers

by FOH Staff • in
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• Created: March 19, 2008

Expanding on its Application Engineered (AE) Series loudspeakers, JBL Professional has introduced eight new compact AE Series loudspeaker models at Musikmesse 2008. The new AE Compact loudspeaker series provides even more options for system designers and integrators in a variety of applications.

The new JBL Professional AE Compact loudspeaker series features eight models, providing system designers and integrators with greater flexibility. The new loudspeakers consist of eight high-output, two-way loudspeaker models incorporating either single or dual woofers, including 5.25-inch, 6.5-inch, and 8-inch transducers. The high-frequency sections include a one-inch dome tweeter for two models (AC15 and AC25), while the remaining six models incorporate one-inch exit compression drivers.

 The AC18 and AC28 models offer the system designer a choice of rotatable Progressive Transition waveguides with coverage patterns of 90 x 50 degrees or 120 x 60 degrees. In addition to providing smooth, low-distortion sound, Progressive Transition waveguides deliver uniform off-axis frequency response to every point within the intended coverage area, not just in the horizontal and vertical planes. PT Waveguides combine pattern control with undistorted sound for natural music and intelligible speech. The AC25, AC26 and AC28 models incorporate JBL’s Filtered Array Technology (FAT), which allows each of the low-frequency transducers to be independently controlled for magnitude and phase response, resulting in smoother power response and constant coverage.

For information, please visit www.jblpro.com.

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