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BML-Blackbird Provides New Sound for Ellis Island

by FOH Staff • in
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• Created: July 11, 2018
Ellis Island Main Hall (c) Beth Baynum

NEW YORK – BML-Blackbird recently installed a new L-Acoustivs Kiva II line array system inside the main hall structure at Ellis Island.

More details from BML-Blackbird (www.bmlblackbird.com):

The historical main hall structure at Ellis Island boasts an expansive interior space with a 60’ high ceiling.  BML-Blackbird’s commitment to providing the best audio experience possible at the historical venue led us to add numerous exciting new product offerings to our extensive rental inventory.

We brought in the experts from SIA Acoustics, one of the leading audio consultants in the country, to analyze the venue’s acoustical properties and to advise us on how to make the best overall improvements.  Based on their recommendations, we implemented a new portable sound system that includes the following:


We have purchased a brand new L-Acoustics Kiva II line array system.  The Kiva II is an ultra-compact line array offering exceptional long throw capability and 100 degrees of horizontal coverage.  The combination of a sleek aesthetic and superior performance make it the ideal system for this venue.  This system includes L-Acoustics line array tops, bass cabinets, and multi-channel amplifiers.


Utilizing the materials specified by SIA, we have designed a customizable portable baffling system to dramatically reduce the acoustical reverberation throughout the space.  This will help increase speech intelligibility and musical clarity.  The acoustical panels hang on a portable support system and are covered by velour drape panels in a color approved by both management and the National Park Service for use in this space.

The entire audio and baffling system must be completely installed in the brief window from when the museum closes to the public to the doors opening for any event.  We continue to meet this challenge on each and every event.

“Finally after all these years – a company that can do it!  Best audio quality ever on Ellis Island!  Beautiful lighting design and exceptional customer service.  Proud to call BML-Blackbird our partners!” said Patti Golden, Director of Sales, Stature of Liberty/Ellis Island.

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