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Brazil Telecom Theatre Installs Adamson SpekTrix

by FOH Staff • in
  • International News
• Created: June 11, 2008

BRASILIA, Brazil – Adamson’s SpekTrix system was recently installed in the intimate space of Espaço Brazil Telecom Theatre, located in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil. The newly opened theatre, which is located in the Brasilia Alvorada Hotel, promises a continuous line-up of performances including music, theatre, literary workshops and lectures. Marc Systems was contracted for the lighting and sound design, which on the sound side included four SpekTrix enclosures, two SpekTrix W and two SpekTrix subs. 

The small 350-seat Brazil Telecom theatre’s concert hall called for a system that would smoothly cover the wide room, without overpowering its intimate quality. SpekTrix is perfect for this type of venue where the systems 120 degrees of horizontal coverage with a short vertical line using only two 5-degree SpekTrix enclosures with a 15-degree SpekTrix W box underneath provide enough coverage from the front rows to the back of the theatre without needing massive trim height. The SpekTrix subs were placed left and right on the wide stage, thus not affecting the sightlines.

The theatre’s opening ceremony had Jesse Adamson, director of marketing and sales for Adamson Systems Engineering, along with Adamson’s Brazilian distributor Sotex employees Rogério Bousas, Guillerme Zauza and Fabrício Neiva, and Marc Systems owner Marconi Barros attending. Alongside the many artists, many prominent political figures were present including, Brazil Telecom’s President Ricardo Knoepfelmacher, vice-president of External Relations Jorge Jardim, vice-governor of the federal district Paulo Octávio, Minister of the STF Joaquim Barbosa, and the Secretary of the Culture of the DF, Silvestre Gorgulho. “[The theatre] will showcase performances by famous artists, but will also include performances by new regional talent,” said Ricardo Knoepfelmacher, president of Brazil Telecom. “We want to guarantee diversity, and allow all people to have access to art and culture.”

At the opening gala, Singer Fernanda Takai presented homage to Nara Leão, in whose Copacabana apartment, allegedly while she held jam sessions interpreting classic MPB (Musica Popular Brazileira) songs, bossa nova was born. Takai sang songs such as “O Barquinho” a song Leão wrote in Japanese with Roberto Menescal. Fernanda also presented work from her first solo album, which was awarded an APCA (São Paulo Association of the Critics of Art) Award for the best MPB CD of 2007.

João Libarino, the PA technician for Fernanda Takai and her band Pato Fu, said, “the front and lateral projection of the system was perfect in all the resonating areas. The set up for Fernanda Takai’s show was very satisfying.”  The Adamson system was smoothly powered by two Lab.gruppen amplifiers, processed with a Dolby Lake processor and using Reference Lab cabling.


For more information, please visit www.adamsonproaudio.com

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