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Radial Komit Compressor / Limiter

by FOH Staff • in
  • New Gear
• Created: January 12, 2010

The Radial Komit is a 500 series compressor-limiter that simplifies the process of dynamic manipulation while expanding upon creative tone shaping. The design provides flexibility by introducing automatic functions that are both musical and intuitive.
Developed by Burgin-McDaniel, the Radial Komit retains the original design with full-size 100 percent discreet components throughout the audio path to ensure maximum signal transfer. Where it differs from the original is with improved dynamic monitoring using a dual-function LED bar graph, a key-input via the Workhorse 5000's Omniport and easier to use front panel graphics.


The design begins with a feed-forward VCA compressor that is designed to react real-time to program material and is easily adjusted from slight 1:1 compression all the way to 10:1 hard compression ratios using a single dial. This is augmented with a dynamic control with program-dependent slow, medium and fast settings of the attack and decay times that auto-track as signal passes through.


A separate 20:1 limiter is on-board that may be bypassed or inserted to provide a dynamic ceiling for the audio track and prevent distortion from reaching the digital workstation. This function is performed using an "old-school" diode bridge limiter that ranges from "quiet and confident" to downright "nasty" depending on how the drive output gain is set. The 12 position switch provides repeatable settings from -10dB up to +21dB of gain. When driven hard, harmonic distortion can be introduced to add pleasing overtones reminiscent of the finest vintage devices. The drive output gain control is post-compressor, pre-limiter and is equipped with auto-gain make-up to ensure more stable and natural sounding dynamics. As most of the work is done automatically, a +4/-10dB input selector provides and input reference and sets the threshold for optimum performance.


When used with the Radial Workhorse 5000 rack, the Omniport acts like a key input to allow ducking for automatic voice-over, or when combined with an EQ, frequency depending compression can be introduced for de-essing and other dynamic effects.



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