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Lawo Version 4.6 for MC² Series Consoles, Nova 73HD Router

by FOH Staff • in
  • New Gear
• Created: October 7, 2009

Lawo’s Version 4.6 software release for the company’s mc² Series production consoles streamlines workflow with a Dynamic Automation enhancement, including Trim and TC-Editing features, and a new Offline preparation and Online assistance tool. Lawo will feature Version 4.6 at AES Booth #637.

The Dynamic Automation enhancement introduces two new feature sets, including Trim functionalities in two operation modes and TC Editing operations allowing for copying, pasting, and shortening of automation data and more. With V4.6, the mc²56 also now supports TC Automation with an additional GUI page.

The Trim functionalities of Release V4.6 also now make it possible to offset levels of automated data. All DSP channel parameters can be trimmed with the exception of parameters such as delay, frequency, or ratio. When using the Relative Trim mode, all controls move to their default position, such as 0 dB for the fader, when changing to Trim mode. Further, offsets can be easily applied to the desired parameter.
With “Trim on the Fly” mode, all movements of absolute data are played back by the system, and adjusting a parameter applies an offset to the desired module. Used in combination with TOUCH, users are able to directly alter the written automation data.

Release V4.6 now facilitates the editing of TC data. Operations such as Copy/Paste, Delete, and Ripple or Shift are possible. These operations can be performed on either individual access channels or for a complete pass.  To ensure an edit is exactly as intended, all operations are reversible as each operation creates a new play pass.

Another enhancement is the introduction of the matrix GUI, or mxGUI, and optional standalone application that enables the configuration and operation of mc² Series consoles and the operation of the Nova 73HD. The software’s functionality is available for both online and offline operation.

The mxGUI software runs on PCs using either the Windows XP or Vista operating systems. When the system is offline, a local control system on the computer makes all available GUI pages accessible, and most console parameters can be operated and adjusted.

Production and Snapshot data that has been created in this manner may be easily transferred to a USB stick or directly to the console via the Files Transfer page. When in online mode, mxGUI allows for easy system extension. For example, additional PPM screens and a parallel system setup are available, enabling an operator to label channels and other parameters without interrupting or distracting the mixer. Additional GUI pages have also been added, including a matrix view for routing and a screen for fader assignment.

Lawo’s Version 4.6 software is available now.

For more information, please visit www.lawo.ca.

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